“God’s Desire”

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Printable Wall Art, Original Art, Modern Christian Art, Illustration digital instant download, Artwork Home Decor Gift, “23.62 x 15.74in” “60x40cm” Formats: PDF, PNG. Invite “God’s Desire” into your space as a tangible reminder to keep your faith alive, stay vigilant, and yearn for God’s grace at all times.

About the Artwork:

“God’s Desire”

Dive into the depths of faith and hope with our exclusive artwork, “God’s Desire”. Inspired by the powerful parable of the ten wise and foolish virgins in Matthew 25:1-13, this painting takes you on a symbolic journey of spiritual preparation and vigilance.

In this masterpiece, ten majestic deer run through the field, each illuminated by an oil lamp hanging from their horns. This light symbolizes vigilance, attentiveness, and a passion for the divine. The choice of deer is not accidental; these noble animals symbolize the deep longing to be close to God, as expressed by King David in Psalm 42:1. Just as a thirsty deer longs for the water of a stream, our souls crave divine presence.

The depiction of ten deer, instead of just “five wise ones,” emphasizes God’s universal desire for everyone to find his light. This artwork serves as a reminder that we must keep our lamps burning, our hearts passionate, and our minds alert to remain watchful and prepared for the divine encounter.

By acquiring “God’s Desire,” you gain more than a beautiful piece of art; it’s a tangible reminder to keep your faith alive, stay vigilant, and yearn for God’s grace at all times.


You’ll get 2 image files in size “23.62 x 15.74in” “60x40cm”¬†saved as PDF, and PNG files.

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